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Kayos Security provides a number of IT Security Services in order to protect your Organisation's Confidentiality , Integrity and Availiblity from emerging Cyber Threats in a standalone manner. An organisation needs to be Effectively Protected against cyber attacks to assure and demonstrate to the competitors that you have implemented adequate security throughout the infrastructure. I provide experienced Penetration tests across public and private enterprises along with the best practices of Security and Development.

  • Mission - We make web apps secure from latest attacks.
  • Skills - Delivering fast and informative vulnerability reports .
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience.

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Manual testing is done & is more effective than tools,Authentication Flaws,Broken Authentications, XSS, CSRF,Server MisconfigurationS,Logical Flaws Etc .

Mobile AppSec

Kayos Security™ perform penetration testing and code review for all platforms of mobile applications and have created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped.

Network Pentesting

We use the same set of vulnerability assessment tools that a real hacker would use, and also follow the same methodologies to exploit.

DDoS Testing

The infrequency of DDoS attacks often means that IT teams are developing solutions based on the "last attack" and waiting until the "next attack" to determine success.

Server Hardening

Our server hardening is customized for the server and services running on it; and involves a number of practical, manageable layers designed.

Malware Analysis

Kayos Security™ gives threat analysts hands-on control over powerful auto-configured test environments where they can safely execute and inspect advanced malware.

Source Code Review

Code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws. When used together with automated tools and manual penetration testing.

Two-Step Authentication

Adopt Two Factor Authentication for all your logins and protect your passwords from the notorious hachers. Enable 2FA for any application within no time

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